In order to guarantee an optimal result, we will need working documents from you, which meet the following requirements.

  1. The preparation limit must have a sharp undercut underneath the preparation margin. The preparation margin must not be marked and the die must not be varnished or hardened.
  2. The stubs may not be lacquered or treated with instant adhesive.
  3. It must be guaranteed that all elements of the saw model must be easily restored.
  4. Articulation and saw model must be separable.
  5. Details of tooth colour.
  6. Ideally you will provide us with a wax up.
  7. Please note: Maximum stub length: 12.5 millimetres
    Maximum bridge length: 42.0 millimetres
  8. The approximate crown edge distance for blocked crowns must be at least 1.0 millimetre.

Individual crowns

For the design of an individual crown one individual stub is enough to achieve an optimal result; however, it is recommended to produce an entire saw model with crushing bite.


As a rule, for the manufacture of a bridge we require a saw model with bite and counter-gum. The pillars may not diverge here and must display an angle of at least 4°.

Implant abutments

Please, ensure the looping-in of a clear rotation safety. At any rate, supply the model analogue and titanium fixing.

Notes regarding the further processing 

May be discussed



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